For Sellers

Anybuff welcomes bona fide sellers and is ready for long-term partnership.
We have no complicated rules and pitfalls:

The simplest rule is to work honestly with the understanding that the service is free for you.

It is important to understand that visitors do not appear "out of nowhere." In order for your lots to be sold, you need expensive advertising.

It is important to understand that not all visitors with ads will become buyers. And not every buyer will become permanent.

For each potential buyer, we paid a blogger, site owner, site (Youtube, Yandex, Google ..) and in most cases advertising will pay off for us only from the 4th ... 8th deal, made by the buyer on the exchange.

Anybuff commissions range from 3 to 10% of the transaction price, while the payback point of advertising would be possible with a 50-80% mark-up.

The commission does not pay back the cost of advertising that grows every year (by 20-30%), the constant work of programmers, online support and a reliable server.

Therefore, appreciate the buyers and be honest with us - conduct transactions through the exchange, and we are fully prepared to support you with bonuses, bonus codes, reduction or cancellation of the commission, privileges and especially valuable sellers will offer to become part of the team.

What does Anybuff offer to sellers?

  1. Hold payments up to 24 hours. In the near future - instant output to your details. Exception - Accounts. Hold payments from the sale of accounts from 7-30 days depending on the game. This is due to our guarantee of accounts for the buyer. But for identified sellers who have already completed more than 5 transactions in the amount of 5,000 rubles or more, there is no hold.
  2. Direct voice communication with the admin to bypass support. Problems, improvements, promotion of your lots are our task, feel free to contact Discord.
  3. Constant and honest sellers - partners of the exchange, are also important as the constant core of buyers, because technical and software improvements will be made in agreement with you.
  4. The possibility of cancellation of the service commission for the seller or registration of a paid subscription for the application of zero commission (legally you can receive payment directly, conduct transactions with our customers)
  5. A reputable seller can become part of the project and receive a% of turnover in the section of the exchange where he has been working for a long time.
  6. Modern convenient functionality for users, continuous development of service.
  7. Compensation of advertising costs, organized on your initiative, directed to the sale of your lots to Anybuff (approval is necessary).